The Ben Barres Spotlight Awards: an application form

At eLife we believe that researchers should not be disadvantaged because of their gender, country of work, career stage, ethnicity or disability. As a result, we are introducing the Ben Barres Spotlight Awards to provide visibility and collaboration opportunities for scientists from underrepresented groups. Funds will be awarded based on the extent to which they will help the recipients and their work.

Awards of up to $4,500 will be offered until the $22,000 budget is depleted.

Please consider the terms and conditions of the award carefully before applying. You may also wish to review our privacy notice for the data collected with this form here.

About you
Provide your manuscript's number or title if your article has been accepted but not yet published.
Using the CRediT taxonomy below, please tell us what was your contribution to this research. Please check all that apply. You can read more about CRediT here.
Please let us know which gender you identify with.
We would appreciate if you could share your Twitter handle with us. If your application is successful we would like to use this information to help promote your presentation during the conference.
Your request
Please describe briefly your current line of research.
Provide the amount of funding you are applying for in US dollars.
Please describe briefly what the money will be used for – if it’s travel/accommodation, please mention what that would be for, if it’s going to be used towards attending a meeting or a conference, please mention the event’s name, dates and website where relevant, if it’s towards equipment purchase, please let us know what you will buy and whether you already have any part of the funding secured towards it, if it’s something else – please explain briefly here.
Please upload a file with a simple budget itemising expenses that you hope to cover with the assistance of this award.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx odt xls xlsx ods.
Please tell us how you expect this award to make a major improvement to your work. Will it provide new visibility and collaboration opportunities? If so, what would they be? When do you expect to see the effects of the award?
Underrepresented groups
This fund aims to support researchers from underrepresented groups in science. Please choose at least one group below to show on what basis you're eligible for this award.
Please tell us when you have first secured funding to support a research group, e.g. in a Group Leader or Assistant Professor position.
If so – please list below.
Please remember to include information about your gender in the relevant field above, in the 'About you' section of this application form.
**If you choose to provide this information then you are giving us explicit consent to store and process the information in accordance with our privacy notice.
By clicking the box above, I confirm that I’ve read the terms and conditions of the Ben Barres Spotlight Awards and understand the conditions that will apply to me if I’m awarded the grant. In particular, I acknowledge that if awarded the grant I will organise a presentation of my work, and that I will report back to eLife the feedback from that presentation, and the outcomes of the award on my research.